We believe that everyone deserves to receive the care they need within the comfort of their own home. Our live-in care services make this possible, partnering people with experienced care workers with the skills to meet their unique requirements. Discover what it’s like to work with us.

What is working with us like?

We’re dedicated to making live-in care a hassle-free experience. This starts from the moment you get in touch, as we’ve developed a seamless process that identifies your needs and provides the solution you deserve.

  1. Get in touch

    Contact us on 0208 857 7717 or email contact@choicehomecare.co.uk to tell us your requirements.

  2. Receive an information pack

    We’ll send you an information pack with further details about the support you can receive.

  3. Free assessment

    We’ll assess your needs during an informal conversation, making sure we can meet them fully.

  4. We produce a care guide

    We’ll put together a guide to your care needs as well as identifying any risks which need to be addressed to best support you at home.

  5. Meet your care worker

    We’ll brief your care worker and introduce you to them, making sure you’re happy.

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Discover why we’re the right choice. The quality of the care we provide is second to none.

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Hear from our care workers and learn why they love what they do.

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Explore the areas where our care workers work and see how our team can support you.

Speak to our team

Have a friendly, informal chat with our team to tell us your requirements. Call 0208 857 7717 and we’ll be happy to discuss the support we can provide you or your loved one.