Evening care

Evening care

At Choice Homecare, our live-in care workers can be called to attend to a client for up to two, half-hour sessions each night. If additional support is needed on a regular basis, then we can provide a specialist evening care worker to meet these additional needs. They will help to administer medication, monitor vitals, or provide companionship to alleviate loneliness or anxiety. This compassionate care can truly make a difference to the quality of life of those who struggle during the evening.

What are the benefits of
evening care?

Evening care is the ideal way to receive the support you or your loved one or might require during the night. This approach can easily be tailored to your needs and offers key advantages such as:


A care worker will be there throughout the night to provide any assistance that is required. This person can learn their needs and routines, ensuring that appropriate support is in place avoiding unnecessary disruption.


Being able to remain within the comfort of your own home is a key benefit of evening care. You can receive much-needed companionship while maintaining access to your own bed, bathroom, and kitchen.

Cost effectiveness

With evening care, you receive the support you need, when you need it. No matter how often or how long care is required for.

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An evening care worker can help by:

Handling sleep disturbances

We will develop practical strategies to strengthen the body’s natural rhythms and restorative processes.

Addressing anxiety and fear

We will provide continuous night monitoring to ensure the person is safe, supported, and has more restful sleep.

Managing pain and discomfort during the night

We will promote relaxation through the timely administration of pain relief medication.

Removing hazards in the home

We will proactively identify hazards to prevent falls and ensure the person can navigate their home safely. Repositioning equipment for easy night-time access.

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The importance of continuity of care

At the heart of every care relationship is continuity. Continuity of care means that your primary care worker is supported by a secondary care worker to cover breaks and annual leave. When you’re inviting someone to live in your home and become a part of your daily life this consistency is key, building trust and fostering friendships. Your care team will understand your specific needs and preferences, ensuring that nothing is overlooked during the transition from day to night care.

How can you choose the right care worker for evening care?

When choosing an evening care worker for your loved one you need to find someone with the right personality and mindset. A care worker must be patient, compassionate, and able to engage in meaningful conversations to ensure the client feels suitably valued. When it comes to evening care there are also practical considerations to account for. The care worker must be close enough to travel to and from the property during unsociable hours. The best way to find a suitable candidate is to work with an experienced agency that specialises in sourcing for these placements.

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