Your questions

If you have a question about live-in care, you won’t be the only one. We’ve answered the questions you’ve asked most often right here, making sure you won’t have to go hunting for information.

What is live-in care?
With live-in care you will remain in your own home and will have your care needs met by a professional care worker who stays with you. This lets you stay in a familiar setting, rather than relocating into a care facility. It also lets you receive more support than the traditional model of four daily visits can provide.
Can live-in care help with stress?
Caring for a loved one can be challenging. Having the support of a professional care worker can make a real difference to friends and family with caring responsibilities. It provides the peace of mind that the person’s care needs will be met whilst they recharge. This support can be offered on an ongoing basis or as short-term respite care.
How will my care needs be assessed?
The best way to assess your needs is to meet you and get to know you. We’ll cover this in an informal conversation and will also take the opportunity to identify any risks at your property. This information will then be used to create a bespoke care guide that documents the support you require.
How will you be invoiced?
You can choose the approach that suits you best. Your care worker can invoice you on a weekly basis, or we can co-ordinate monthly invoices on your behalf. We’ll adapt to your requirements.
What amenities do I need to provide for my care worker?

Your care worker will be living with you and should be provided with the following amenities so that they can perform their duties effectively:

  • Their own room
  • A comfortable bed
  • Three meals a day
  • Any materials needed to complete the requested tasks
  • Travel costs when care workers change over
How do you find the right care worker?
We’ll work closely with you to make sure that your needs and preferences are met. You’ll be involved in the process and we’ll offer a choice between two candidates to ensure that you find someone you get along with. We’re keen to receive feedback from you and will adjust our approach when needed.
Where do you work?
We cover a two-hour radius from our base in Lee. This ensures that we can visit our clients to check that they’re receiving the quality care they require. Our coverage area includes the home counties surrounding London.

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