We price our services competitively so that as many people as possible can benefit from exceptional live-in care. The support you receive will be tailored to your unique requirements and so will the price you pay. This ensures that you only ever pay for the assistance that you need.

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How will you be invoiced for your care?

You once again have the choice and control over how you would like to pay your care worker. We offer two options:

  • You can pay your care worker directly on a weekly basis, following submission of their invoice to you.
  • We can co-ordinate payments on your behalf, after which we will submit monthly invoices to yourself or a nominated person. This makes it easy to keep track of what is being spent.

We have two levels of service, which will determine the rate of payment. We have a companion service level and a premier service level based on the level of care required. Feel free to contact us on 0208 857 7717 to discuss this.

Which costs should you be aware of?

Your live-in care worker should be provided with a room of their own, a comfortable bed, three meals a day, and any materials that are needed to complete the tasks requested of them. Travel costs from London should also be considered from Zone 1 when care workers change over. As your care worker is self-employed they will be responsible for their own tax and National Insurance contributions.

How affordable is live-in care?

Live-in care is an increasingly popular option, not just for its flexibility but also for its cost effectiveness. Remaining in your own home allows you to remain independent but also offers excellent value for money compared to residential care or nursing care costs. It is important to remember that live-in care is one-to-one care, compared to one-to-six at best in a specialist setting.

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